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Shiba Inu karakusa dog Bandana,Collar,Harness made in Japan!!

I'm a Dog Lover and I have a Japanese Shiba Inu. Please enjoy Shiba Inu karakusa bandana, Shiba Inu karakusa collar, Shiba Inu karakusa harness and so on.

Exciting new products are added daily for Dog Lovers!

Japanese dog collar
Shiba Inu Harness/Shiba Inu Leash/Shiba Inu Collar/Shiba Inu Bandana

​Shiba Inu dog Harness/Shiba Inu dog Leash/Shiba Inu dog Collar/Shiba Inu dog Bandana

About me

-About Wanpaw-

Through the encounter with my first-generation black Shiba Inu, Rocky, and the current second-generation black Shiba Inu, Apollo, I became enchanted by Shiba Inu. This fascination led to the beginning of my small business.

I aspire to introduce Japanese-made, high-quality dog accessories featuring traditional Karakusa patterns, such as dog collars, bandanas, and harnesses, to dog enthusiasts worldwide. Collaborating with skilled artisans, we have embarked on the journey of offering these products to share the beauty of Japanese design with dogs and their owners globally.


In 2019, I started selling mainly Karakusa dog collars, Karakusa Dog leashes, Karakusa Dog bandanas, and Karakusa Dog harnesses made in Japan on a famous marketplace.

I am grateful for the positive feedback received from many customers.


With a commitment to maintaining product quality, I aim to provide these high-quality items to customers at more competitive prices.

To achieve this, I have decided to sell directly through my website.

Your ongoing support is highly appreciated, and I look forward to serving you with top-notch products.

Thank you for your trust and continued patronage.

I don't want just to sell goods but want to make you happy by helping your purchased goods arrive at your hand without problems.
I would be very glad if my customers and their beloved dogs liked our products and felt happy!!!

Please rest assured that I will deal with problems accordingly.
I would like to have a good relationship with you not only just a seller but also a Shiba Inu lover.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me!
Thank you for your time to visit us.



Work process

-Work process-