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Explore Authentic Japanese Dog Collars, Leashes, and Harnesses at Wanpaw from Japan

Updated: Apr 2

Dear Customers,

Welcome to 【Wanpaw】, your destination for #Japanesedogcollar#Japanesedogleash, and  #Japanesedogharness.

In response to the current rise in prices, I have opened my own shop to provide high-quality products for more affordable prices.

I extend our heartfelt thanks to all the customers who have supported me by purchasing my products on Etsy. Your support means everything to us.

I kindly ask for your continued support of my new shop as I strive to provide the best products and service possible. Please try traditional Japanese #Karakusacollars, #Karakusaleashes #Karakusaharnesses, and #Karakusabandanas that are well-suited for #ShibaInus and other #Japanesedogs.


Kumi and the Wanpaw team

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