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Japanese Tie-Dyeing Dog Bandana, Green Shibori


Product Details:

*Material: 100% cotton
*Handmade by Japanese Craftsman


Sewing two pieces of the same fabric together is well-made sewing!

It is firm and lasts a long time
Gentle fabric to the skin of the dog.


[Free size]
Available for every dog from miniature-sized dogs to large-sized dogs as long as their neck size is under 56cm.
Because our Bandana is the type of tying up with string, It can be adjusted to the perfect size for your dog.

*Please measure around the neck first before your purchase.


Safety Caution:
*Please select the appropriate size that matches your dog's breed, size, and temperament.
*Avoid using this leash with dogs that tend to pull strongly to prevent accidents.
*Keep the leash within your dog's reach to prevent unexpected incidents.
*Before each use, inspect all parts for any abnormalities.
*Keep in mind that leashes are consumable items; their durability depends on usage frequency and environmental factors.
*If you notice any rust on metal parts or fraying in stitching, replace the leash promptly to ensure your pet's safety.
*Exercise caution when the leash is wet, as it may experience some color fading.

Japanese Tie-Dyeing Dog Bandana, Green Shibori

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