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Shiba Inu Sakura Dog Collar, Red, Medium Size, Japanese Floral Pattern, Adjustable Pet Accessory, Handmade


Product Details:

*Easy to put on and take off.
*Material: 100% Rayon
*Handmade by Japanese Craftsman
*Made in Japan using fabric sourced from Kyoto's renowned textile shops


Color: Red

=M size=
Width: 2 cm(The part of the collar) / 2.5cm(The part of the buckle)
Suitable Neck Size 35 cm- 50 cm


Safety Caution:
*Please select the appropriate size that matches your dog's breed, size, and temperament.
*Avoid using this leash with dogs that tend to pull strongly to prevent accidents.
*Keep the leash within your dog's reach to prevent unexpected incidents.
*Before each use, inspect all parts for any abnormalities.
*Keep in mind that leashes are consumable items; their durability depends on usage frequency and environmental factors.
*If you notice any rust on metal parts or fraying in stitching, replace the leash promptly to ensure your pet's safety.
*Exercise caution when the leash is wet, as it may experience some color fading.

Shiba Inu Sakura Dog Collar, Red, Medium Size, Japanese Floral Pattern

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